Fourth Village Cheese Box


Available Now!

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Minimum $50 on Pick Up Orders - General Grocery shopping  Orders before 12pm available for next day pick up

Serves 6-10ppl

Served with condiments, fresh fruit and lavosh.

These are crowd pleasing cheeses.

Shadows of Blue (Australian, Soft Mild Blue, Cow) is a double cream blue cheese, wrapped in natural bees wax and aged for 2 – 3 months. Perfect for those that don’t eat a lot of blue cheese, it’s paste is perfect for spreading, and it’s flavour profile is mild and very approachable.

Comete 12 Month (French, Hard, Cow) A traditional alpine cheese made from hard pressed raw cow’s milk This comté is silky and slightly citrusy. Yet, it retains that long-lasting nuttiness everyone  loves in an alpine. Pairs well with fresh.

Fromage d’Affinois ( French, Soft, Cow) This French innovation may look like pudgy brie, but it's actually much creamier. The mild, buttery flavor has a sweetness that goes very well with champagne and fresh fruit. Fromage d'Affinois may remind you of a triple-creme, so loaded it is with silky fat. But that texture is achieved by ''ultra filtration,'‘the result is a thick, nearly whipped spread of tangy, milky goodness.